Your initial triage appointment will be conducted over the phone by a member of our assessment team. We’ll have a conversation with you for around 30 minutes to understand your child’s needs.

You’ll speak to an expert from our assessment team to talk through your child’s needs and your concerns. Our experts are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and have a deep knowledge of special education needs (SEND).

We welcome mums, dads and carers to take part. We are aiming to understand your child’s needs, so the more information we can gather, the better.

After your triage session, we’ll advise whether we think you need an assessment at this stage.

Should we confirm that your child may be suitable for an assessment, you will be able to book an appointment online, where payment will be taken to confirm the booking.

Book triage

We’ll have a conversation with you for around 30 minutes to understand your child’s needs.

After your initial triage, should we feel you need an assessment, we aim to see you face-to-face within six to eight weeks.

We will have a feedback session with you on the same day as your child’s assessment, to share our feedback.

Our full report will be available to you shortly after your assessment and you are welcome to have a further conversation to discuss the report and ask any questions.

What happens if we don’t need an assessment?

There are a number of reasons why your child may not be suitable for an assessment. For example, we might suggest you first seek a referral to an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist or physiotherapist for intervention, or your child may need a medical referral before we can conduct our assessment to rule out concerns for example, hearing loss.

We may also suggest that you keep in touch with your GP or health visitor to monitor any changes. You will always be welcome to contact us again to check progress or revisit our initial recommendation.

Next steps

Find out about the assessment, or read our comprehensive frequently asked questions.

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