Current Roles

Positions available:

Speech and Language Therapists – band 6/7

Clinical or Educational Psychologists – minimum band 8

Clinical Psychiatrists – minimum band 8

Gesher Assessment Centre, Pinner

We are looking for a variety of specialists to join our growing team. The job description below is generic and will vary according to background and expertise.

Full-time post: Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Salary: Dependent on experience

We are seeking a specialist with at least two years of experience conducting ADOS and ADI-R assessments to work in our new Assessment Centre.  The Assessment Centre is currently based in Pinner, North London. You will join the Clinical Lead to provide assessments and offer post-diagnostic support to help children, young people, and their families understand their diagnosis. As this is a new provision, you will have the opportunity to help shape and grow the Assessment Centre. 

Job Summary: 

To work within the Gesher Assessment Centre to provide an assessment and diagnostic service and to develop, implement and evaluate specialist advice, support, and training to meet the needs of children and young people. 

To work within a multidisciplinary team for assessment and diagnosis of Autism and related disorders and deliver parent workshops to support understanding post-diagnosis. 

Key Relationships:

  • Children, young people & parents/carers 
  • Clinical Lead / Assessment Centre

Key Skills

  • Minimum two years of ADOS-2 and ADI-R training

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To support the Clinical Lead in the development of the Centre.
  2. To provide specialist, autonomous clinical case management highly, including specialist assessments.
  3. To develop information and resources for clients, families, and relevant others about social, speech, language and communication needs.
  4. To write comprehensive reports to be shared with families and a range of professionals, reflecting specialist knowledge.
  5. To keep up to date with new techniques and developments for promoting and maintaining good practice. 
  6. To raise awareness of the Assessment Centre.
  7. To work with the Clinical Lead to identify training needs and to develop, provide and evaluate appropriate specialist training for parents and carers.
  8. To participate in projects, activities and events, including attendance at team meetings. 
  9. To establish appropriate partnerships with agencies and disciplines seeking to promote social and educational inclusion for children with social communication needs. 
  10. To receive and communicate complex, sensitive, or contentious information to clients, carers, families and other professionals. This may include those who are under stress and/or have challenging communication difficulties.  

      Management and Leadership 

  1. To support the development of the Assessment Centre and clinical input, including attending working groups, policy development, specific projects, and events. 
  2. To use highly specialist knowledge to support the Clinical Lead on issues of service delivery/ policy development, including access and equity shortfalls and service pressures. 
  3. To contribute to interagency/multi-disciplinary working and team building. 
  4. To use highly specialist knowledge to inform service/policy developments. 
  5. To propose ideas for improving services to highly specialist areas/whole service and to contribute to service development.
  6. To raise the profile of the centre through appropriate social media channels
  7. To work with the Clinical Lead to grow the centre’s profile to key stakeholders.

Financial and Physical Resources Responsibilities 

  1. To work with the Clinical Lead to monitor stock levels, purchasing new equipment as appropriate and effective oversight of all expenditure. 
  2. To follow procedures for ensuring the security, care, and maintenance of equipment, taking responsibility for maintaining standards of infection control and safety– 

Education & Professional Development

  1. To engage in reflective practice with peers through participation in peer review, peer mentoring and supervision as appropriate.
  2. To facilitate the development of others’ problem-solving/negotiation skills within peer review/support. 
  3. To plan, monitor and support the work of administrative support. 
  4. To work with the Clinical Lead to generate appropriate strategies for management of own workload.
  5. To take on organisational responsibilities within, and contribute to, team meetings.
  6. To develop and provide regular specialist training on a range of topics. 
  7. To provide second opinions linked to clinical specialism. 
  8. To contribute to identifying and meeting training needs within the team. 

Information Management 

  1. To maintain up-to-date and accurate case notes in line with HCPC/RCSLT professional standards.
  2. To share information with carers, school staff and other professionals, observing data protection guidelines and client confidentiality. 

To gather and update activity data accurately and regularly, ensuring the provision of such information promptly within Trust guidelines.

  1. To participate in areas of risk management, quality standards and clinical effectiveness. 
  2. To support team-wide initiatives to seek the views of children, parents and partner organisations on the quality and effectiveness of service provided. 
  3. To participate in departmental research, Clinical Governance/Audit projects, including collection and provision of research data as required. 

Freedom to Act 

  1. To support leadership within a specialist area and team. 
  2. To manage a complex caseload independently. 
  3. To be accountable for own professional action and recognise own professional boundaries, seeking advice as appropriate 
  4. To work within defined departmental and national protocols/policies and professional code of conduct and the Trust’s value-based behaviours. 
  5. To work independently accessing line management, supervision, and performance development reviews (appraisal) at predetermined intervals. 
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